Come see the wild side of Nevada…wildlife that is. With varied terrain including everything from deserts to lakes and mountains to valleys, Nevada is home to hundreds of species of birds, bears, fish, lions, deer, elk and everything in between. Throughout Nevada you will find habitats, preserves and refuges dedicated to wildlife conservation and viewing. Explore the Silver State’s wild side and you’ll find that our animals, plants and birds are both beautiful and exciting to watch.

Nevada Adventures

Baited Bliss with Denis Isbister

Sure, Nevada is part of the Great Basin, but there is some spectacular fishing out there I'm desperate for. And to have fishing 101 with fishing legend Denis Isbister at Pyramid? Woah. Take that, Nevada bucket list.

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Capturing Nevada's Statescape: Time-Lapse Style

We all know that with a state as enormous as Nevada, the landscapes are as diverse as they come. It wasn't until expert photographer and Nevada native Derrick Lytle time-lapsed over 40 locations that we realized how truly amazing Nevada is

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Discover & Do

Wellington, NV

On your next fishing adventure for Pyramid Lake, get your hands on a scrumptious meal, fishing supplies and permitting information, and an impressive night's stay at Crosby's Lodge in Sutcliffe.

Southern, NV

Kyle Canyon Picnic Area is set in the beautiful Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, just outside Las Vegas. Visitors enjoy hiking, horseback riding and more in this desert oasis.

Rachel, NV

Visit Mt. Irish Wilderness Area To Enjoy Gorgeous Rock Formations, Uncharted Caves, Ancient Petroglyphs and Archaic Strands of Ponderosa Pine